When me and Cecília did this shoot we talked about many things, had a great time and filled 2 memory cards, sick day.
One thing that we haven’t talked was about self-esteem, but still was one of the days that I’ve learned the most about it. You see, Cissa is a dancer and have a intimacy with her body that I’ve never seen on a photoshoot before. She moves with comfort and confidence, the way she manages herself transmits a certainty that makes you sure that is no option of movement more fitting than of what she chooses. She is beautiful, but I’ve realized that it don’t really matter to how she perceives herself. On this day I’ve understood that the aspects of your appearance that you can’t change are absolutely indifferent to your self-esteem, it’s all about how comfortable you are inside your own body. Do you even like yourself? For me, it was the turning point, when I start appreciating myself as an person, I started to have a much better image of myself. Not because I changed physically, but I’ve understood that the way I look reflected who I was, which made me damn proud of my looks. True change takes time, effort and don’t involve artificial actions, shake some stuff inside before trying to change the outside. Then, instead of changing how you look, you might change the way you see.

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