We no longer perceive the nature as a part of ourselves and a part of the world we live in.

We carry a form of living so deep into structured civilization, that humanity has started to see itself as an organism apart of nature. This belief results in a human experience flooded by stress, anxiety and lack of a proper understanding of ours lives. 
To live so disconnected to nature, lead many people to feel unattached within their own lives and entering a routine of living to produce, experimenting the rat race of working to work more. 

Kampaoh rises as a solution to balance things out, being a refuge for the production seeking society, it's a place where the connection with nature, and other people, is facilitated and encouraged.

The identity was built upon those pillars of knowledge.
I collaborated with Kampaoh being the Design Director and Community Manager, being responsible for creation of the identity, website and social media communication.

In the time of my collaboration I've shoot more than 10.000+ videos and photos, rising their social media presence from 800 followers to 13k in 3 months (with an awful spanish 😛). For that, all of the content presented in this project was produced by me.


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